Where We Work

The Heart of Copr Bay


Swansea Arena has been designed with utmost functionality in mind. Whether you’re an organisation seeking space for your annual AGM, or desiring a multi-faceted venue with extensive exhibition capabilities, the Arena complex has a profound number of opportunities to ensure your event works however you envisage it.

We have ten purpose-built meeting rooms of varying sizes, an intimate multi-use FSG Lounge, and three sprawling concourses with full amenities and facilities throughout.

For further information on the venue’s capabilities, please see ‘The Venue’.

View of conference floor from Box


Sitting in the heart of Copr Bay, we are perfectly positioned to welcome new guests and clients as well as providing bespoke experiences and unique opportunities for prospective partners. With a wealth of knowledge and key market positioning, each partnership is treated personally with a focused mindset and a drive to achieve mutual success.

Should you wish to enquire further about partnerships, contact RhiannonBoyceColes@theambassadors.com

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